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Sam Sulek: Unveiling a Controversial Fitness Journey

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August 14th, 2023
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Sam Sulek is a 21-year-old American bodybuilder who's blowing up on TikTok and YouTube. You might know him as @sam_sulek. This guy's all about lifting heavy stuff and sharing his life on the internet. Oh, and he's got this cool slang word he made up called "egolifting." Sounds fancy, right?


A Pathway Forged by Grit and Determination: 

Sam didn't just pop out of nowhere. Back in the day, he was flipping around as a gymnast and doing some diving at Delaware Hayes High School in Ohio. Fast forward to 2022, and bam, he's on TikTok, showing off his muscles and stuff. People started noticing, and his videos got loads of views and likes. Like, his first video got around 14,300 plays and 560 likes in a year. Not bad, huh?


Then things got crazier. In September 2022, one of his TikToks blew up with over 100,000 plays. And check this out, by February 2023, he hit over a million plays on another TikTok video. That's like a gazillion times more than before! He even started a YouTube channel called Sam Sulek, and his videos there were getting tons of views and likes too.


Unraveling the Controversy: 

But, hold on a sec. Not everything's all sunshine and rainbows. Some folks started gossiping that maybe Sam was using some special stuff to get all swole. You know, like those performance-enhancing thingamajigs. There was this whole Reddit thing where people debated if he's "natty" or using "juice." Then this fitness YouTuber, Greg Doucette, dropped a video in July 2023, talking about Sam and how he might be putting his health at risk. The video got over 600,000 views and 28,000 likes in no time.


And guess what? More drama. On August 7th, 2023, some dude posted a video of Sam, saying he looked like he's barely able to breathe. That thing went super viral, with millions of views and tons of comments. Everyone's sharing their two cents, saying he's too young to be doing all that intense stuff.


There's this whole deal about Sam's back acne, too. Greg Doucette, the YouTuber I mentioned earlier, thinks it's a sign that Sam might be messing with steroids or SARMS. He's also going on about how Sam's got muscles for days and at a super low body fat percentage.


Final Words: 

So, there you have it, the rollercoaster of Sam Sulek's fitness journey. From gymnast to online sensation, this dude's making waves, controversy and all. Who knows where he'll end up? It's really fun to watch him progress, and we're all just waiting to see what happens next.

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