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Hybrid otherwise known as Powerbuilding programs are combination of the lifting styles specific to powerlifting and bodybuilding

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Hypertrophy otherwise knows as bodybuilding programs include exercises with more sets and reps while slightly decreasing the intensity and the rest period between setsVisit
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Strength otherwise known as Powerlifting programs include exercises with fewer reps but greater intensity and longer rest period between sets

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Training Programs

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Andrei Deiu's 5 Day Split

Category: Hypertrophy

Andrei Marius Lincan also known as Andrei Deiu (January 1st, 1995) is a professional bodybuilder from Romania. He placed 5th at the 2020 Mr. Olympia competing in the Classic Physique, which is a big accomplishment when you take into account his age and that this was his first Olympia.

Andrei Deiu 5 day split. (2016).

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Big Ramy's 5 Day Split

Category: Hypertrophy

Mamdouh Elssbiay earned his pro card by winning the overall title at the 2012 Amateur Olympia in Kuwait City, just three years after he started training.[2] In 2010, Elssbiay joined Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. By 2011, he weighed 200 lbs, and when he stepped on the 2012 Amateur Olympia Kuwait stage, he weighed in at 286 lbs and was declared the champion. In 2013, Elssbiay made his IFBB Pro-debut at the New York Pro, which he won. In 2020, Elssbiay won the Mr.Olympia.

Here’s how a workout using Big Ramy’s training approach might look. For each movement, you’d do warmups as needed to get to your working weight, nudging up the poundage week to week as the target number of reps per set drops.






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Christian Guzman's 4 Day Split, PPL

Category: Hypertrophy

Christian Guzman is an American amateur bodybuilder, fitness YouTuber, vlogger, and fitness entrepreneur who is regarded as one of the most widely recognized fitness personalities on the internet. Following his online success, he founded the fitness apparel brand Alphalete Athletics, which offers affordable but high quality 'athleisure' style fitness and lifestyle clothing that has been featured at international bodybuilding events such as BodyPower UK. He is also the owner and operator of the 'industrial-style' Alphalete Gym in Houston, Texas, through which he offers Summer Shredding Workout Plans. Moreover, he also launched the Up Energy Drinks brand, which was slapped two lawsuits by Uptime Sports Nutrition Inc. and Uptime Energy Inc in July 2017 over copyright infringement, but was allowed to run business following a few changes by the end of the year. Despite his successful businesses, he has not neglected his YouTube channel, and often collaborates with other fitness vloggers, most commonly featuring Steve Cook and Maxx Chewning. As of 2017, he has more than 740,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 1,000,000 followers on Instagram.

Christian’s routine is what we might call a modern routine, not an old school routine. It focuses on compound exercises where you can work the most muscles in the same session. His planning has push days, pull days and leg days.

In the case of Guzman, he has a day reserved for his shoulders. Being a Men’s Physique Competitor, aesthetics is the most important thing. If not for that, it is a modern routine of pull, push, legs.

Usually a routine of this type is organized as follows: Pull Day – Push Day – Legs Day and start again. Let’s see his planning.

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