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Sam Sulek's Chest Workout

Sam Sulek - Fitness Athlete

Meet Sam Sulek, the 21-year-old dynamo from Delaware, Ohio, who's shaking up the fitness scene. Former gymnast and diver, Sam transitioned his passion into an online sensation with captivating TikTok and YouTube content. Known for his hypertrophy-focused approach, Sam's workouts are a blend of power and precision, featuring a mix of compound lifts like the Incline Barbell Press and targeted isolation exercises such as Cable Flies and Pec Deck. His journey to muscle mastery has not been without its share of debates, as discussions about his methods and alleged substance use have sparked widespread attention. Yet, through it all, Sam's dedication remains unwavering, offering a dynamic glimpse into the world of fitness, determination, and the ongoing quest for peak performance.

Welcome to Sam Sulek Hypertrophy Chest Workout, where we dive into the specifics of the workout and the athlete's methodology! Explore our featured workouts below:

About the Program

Category: Hypertrophy

Sam Sulek adheres to a structured four-day split training regimen, which comprises of Chest (including shoulders), Back, Legs, and Arms, with a recurring cycle. Calves are addressed as and when needed, without a predefined schedule, allowing for flexibility in incorporating rest days as required.

In terms of training volume, he has recently transitioned from performing 11 sets per muscle group per workout to a more controlled 8 sets. His approach to exercise selection leans toward an intuitive strategy, emphasizing exercises that align with his training goals and preferences.

He is committed to training to the point of muscle failure, a method that he believes delivers optimal results. Additionally, by incorporating regular cardio sessions as a fundamental component of his fitness routine, he's ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to his physical fitness regimen.

Sam Sulek's dynamic chest workout routine is designed to emphasize hypertrophy and sculpting the pecs to perfection. Sam's fitness journey is marked by his dedication to high-volume training, intense isolation exercises, and his relentless pursuit of muscle growth. This program is designed to mirror his approach, giving you all of the tools needed to achieve those chest gains you've been chasing for so long.

It goes without saying, but please only workout within your limits to prevent any injuries. Pushing yourself is good, but even Sam bases his workouts based on how he's feeling and his level of energy in that particular workout session.

Workout Focus: Hypertrophy and Isolation

Sam Sulek's training philosophy centers on hypertrophy, which is the process of maximizing muscle size and definition. This program capitalizes on his signature technique of incorporating a substantial number of sets and repetitions, amplifying time spent under tension and increasing muscle fatigue. With an emphasis on isolating the chest muscles, this workout routine aims to optimize the stimulation of muscle fibers and promote significant growth.


Exercise Selection and Order

The workout begins with a foundational compound movement, the Incline Smith Machine. This exercise serves as the primary mass builder, engaging the upper chest while facilitating strength development. Following the compound movement, Sam transitions to isolation exercises like the Cable Flies or Cable Presses, and the Pec Deck, honing in on specific muscle groups to isolate them.


Volume and Progression

Sam's dedication to hypertrophy is reflected in the program's high volume of sets and repetitions. The workout structure ensures that you progressively challenge your muscles by gradually increasing the weights used or performing additional repetitions over time.



Sam Sulek's Hypertrophy-Focused Chest Workout is not easy by any means, but it's all but guaranteed to deliver you those gains you've always wanted. With a steadfast focus on hypertrophy, intense isolation exercises, and a wealth of sets and reps, this program will empower you to embark on your own journey of muscle growth and chest development. As you follow in Sam's footsteps, remember that consistency, dedication, and progressive overload are the cornerstones of achieving your desired results.

Workout Schedule

  • Chest

    1. 1. Incline Smith Machine Press

      • 4-6 sets till failure (aim for 6-8 reps range)


    2. 2. Cable Chest Fly

      • 4-5 sets till failure (aim for 10-15 reps range)


    3. 3. Pec Deck

      • 1 set till failure (aim for 8-12 reps range)
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