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Sam Sulek's Arms Workout

Sam Sulek - Fitness Athlete

Meet Sam Sulek, the 21-year-old dynamo from Delaware, Ohio, who's shaking up the fitness scene. Former gymnast and diver, Sam transitioned his passion into an online sensation with captivating TikTok and YouTube content. Known for his hypertrophy-focused approach, Sam's workouts are a blend of power and precision, featuring a mix of compound lifts like the Incline Barbell Press and targeted isolation exercises such as Cable Flies and Pec Deck. His journey to muscle mastery has not been without its share of debates, as discussions about his methods and alleged substance use have sparked widespread attention. Yet, through it all, Sam's dedication remains unwavering, offering a dynamic glimpse into the world of fitness, determination, and the ongoing quest for peak performance.

Welcome to Sam Sulek Hypertrophy Arms Workout, where we dive into the specifics of the workout and the athlete's methodology! Explore our featured workouts below:

About the Program

Category: Hypertrophy

If you want big arms that are well-defined and aesthetically pleasing, you've come to the right place. This is Sam Sulek's Intensive Arm Exercise Routine. Sam's unconventional training methods no doubt produce great results, if Sam's physique is anything to go by. 

Sam usually starts with the triceps before moving on to anything else. His first exercise is typically the famous Tricep Pushdown. In terms of importance, Sam compares this exercise to most compound lifts, in essence saying the tricep pushdown is to arms what the bench press is to the chest workouts. With the amount of sets and reps he performs, the triceps become fatigued very quickly as a result of the strength of the muscle contraction.

Next up we have the Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions. This intense exercise results in a lot of triceps contractions, meaning the triceps get tired out and exhausted pretty quickly, which is exactly what we want.

After that, the workout continues with tricep extensions using cables as Sam's method of choice (Cross Cable Triceps Extensions). Sam suggests prioritizing form and control over sheer weight, so it's recommended to train with a lighter load and focus on attaining a strong squeeze at the bottom of each repetition. 

After completing those 3 exercises aimed at the triceps, Sam switches his focus to the biceps and burns them out with 4 exercises. He starts off with two challenging heavy sets of the traditional Dumbbell Bicep Curls.  The next exercise is Machine-Sitting Bicep Curls which enforces a really strong contraction within the muscle. The third exercise is the Ez Bar Curls, responsible for giving fullness and volume to the muscle itself. Sam's grueling arm workout is then finalized with Single-Arm Preacher Curls.

Workout Schedule

  • Triceps & Biceps

    1. 1. Straight-Bar Triceps Pushdown/Extension

      • 4 sets to failure
    2. 2. Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

      • 3 sets to failure


    3. 3. Cross Cable Triceps Extension

      • 1 set to failure


    4. 4. Standing Hammer Curls

      • 2 heavy sets to failure


    5. 5. Machine Bicep Curl

      • 3 sets to failure
    6. 6. EZ Bar Curls

      • 2 sets to failure
    7. 7. Dumbbell Preacher Curls

      • 2 sets to failure
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