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Sam Sulek's Leg Workout

Sam Sulek - Fitness Athlete

Meet Sam Sulek, the 21-year-old dynamo from Delaware, Ohio, who's shaking up the fitness scene. Former gymnast and diver, Sam transitioned his passion into an online sensation with captivating TikTok and YouTube content. Known for his hypertrophy-focused approach, Sam's workouts are a blend of power and precision, featuring a mix of compound lifts like the Incline Barbell Press and targeted isolation exercises such as Cable Flies and Pec Deck. His journey to muscle mastery has not been without its share of debates, as discussions about his methods and alleged substance use have sparked widespread attention. Yet, through it all, Sam's dedication remains unwavering, offering a dynamic glimpse into the world of fitness, determination, and the ongoing quest for peak performance.

Welcome to Sam Sulek Hypertrophy Leg Workout, where we dive into the specifics of the workout and the athlete's methodology! Explore our featured workouts below:

About the Program

Category: Hypertrophy

Sam takes warming up pretty seriously, meaning that all the exercises that he does before squatting are mostly for warming up the joints, the muscles, and getting into the right mindset. Sam mostly starts his leg day workout with variations of Hamstring Curls, followed by the infamous Cable Romanian Deadlift. Right after that comes the main exercise, the Squats. He warms up with light weights to avoid jumping straight into heavy ones and he acknowledges the nervousness that comes with doing heavy squats, so he likes to take it slow. Oftentimes, Sam will perform Narrow Elevated Heel Squats to enforce a proper form by keeping the back straight and knees properly pointing outwards. The training is finished by "spamming" (as per Sam's suggestion) the leg extensions for better squat definition and pump.


Sam's Overall Squatting Experience:

In his YouTube and TikTok videos, Sam discusses the anxiety and mental preparation involved in squatting heavy weights. He describes the feeling of lifting heavy weights as intimidating. He maintains how important proper form and health are, stressing just how vital it is to avoid going too heavy to prevent potential spine, knee, and any other kind of injury. His previous adductor muscle injury led him to become more cautious, and so should you.


Hamstring Curls and Cable RDLs:

Highlighting the importance of warming up the knees and the lower back before performing the squats is the reason why Sam starts with Hamstring Curls and Cable RDLs. 

Beginning with hamstring curls with light squeezing sets is a proactive approach taken by Sam to prioritize muscle activation, prevent strain or injury, and establish a foundation of controlled movement before progressing to heavier weights. 

Sam speaks about Cable Romanian Deadlifts as a valuable addition to any leg routine. This exercise involves using a cable machine to perform Romanian deadlifts which primarily target the hamstring muscles. By opting for cable variations, you'll be able to achieve a unique angle of resistance and maintain constant tension throughout the movement. This contrasts with traditional free-weight Romanian deadlifts, where tension may vary as the barbell moves away from the body. By incorporating this movement, Sam can optimize hamstring activation, stimulate muscle growth, and achieve an effective muscle pump. 

These two exercises enable Sam to have a productive and effective leg workout while minimizing the risk of potential setbacks and injuries.


Progressive Overload and Intensity:

Sam discusses progressive overload and its significance as a very important factor in building both strength and muscle. He advocates pushing yourself within reason and within your safe limits, especially during intense leg workouts where the chances of sustaining a more significant injury are higher due to the heavier weight involved.


Form and Variation:

As mentioned before, Sam advises maintaining proper squat form to avoid potential injuries. He talks about finding the right squat stance and positioning, and mentions the different variations in leg workout strategies, such as narrow stance squats. He's focused on the importance of listening to his body and adjusting exercises based on his feelings and level of discomfort. He's a big advocate of the concept of squeezing sets, especially as it pertains to injury prevention.

Workout Schedule

  • Legs

    1. 1. Seated Leg Hamstring Curl

      • 1 warm set of 15-30 reps, 3 sets of 8-15 reps


    2. 2. Cable Romanian Deadlifts

      • 3 sets x 8-12 reps


    3. 3. Squat

      • 4 sets of 8-12 reps
    4. 4. Quad Extensions (Leg Extensions)

      • 4 sets of 8-15 reps
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